Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving all Around

This is his new trick-he is pulling himself up and standing! We had to move the coffee table out so he wouldn't hit his head or mouth. He went from rolling to sitting up on his own to standing up and now he is starting to crawl. Little by little his crawling is getting better. Now we have to get into baby proofing mod, he is so curious and wants to get into everything.

He thinks he is so cool now that he can get around better.

I can't believe he will be ONE in just two weeks!!! So glade that year has gone by without any hospital stays or major illnesses. What a blessed little baby.
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Grandma in the Mountains

Duncan had a very exciting month in April. He got to go on his first long trip to Grandma in the mountains. That's what all the great-grandkids call her. He had a good time. He enjoyed the time with great grandma and Auntie M.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter

I love his face in this picture.
What a happy baby! Best smile ever!
I hope everyone had a nice Easter. (this was the best picture we got, we need to take a family picture).
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Sitting Up

He did it! Duncan is sitting up. He has had to work hard to get to this point, but he is doing great. He is now trying to get to the sitting up postition on his own and he is almost there. Now we have to prepare for the crawling! Yikes, not sure I'm ready for that.
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Bath Time!

Duncan loves bath time. We got this cute baby tub that is shaped like a rubber ducky and he loves it. He loves it until he gets his hair washed and then he wants out. The cute thing is that he likes to take the wash cloth and "wash" his leg. So cute
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