Sunday, March 29, 2009

Missionary work

Our ward has been talking a lot about missionary work this last month and it has really made me think a lot about my mission. It is true that if you ask Heavenly Father to send you people to teach that he will. The group picture was taking when Kandis Bender (my favorite companion) and I had gone to Sister Benson and asked her is she knew anyone that would be interested in hearing the Gospel. She said that actually there was a young man that wasn't a member but came to seminary and church. His cousins had been baptised, and he really wanted to, but his mom wouldn't give him permission. So she said that she would get all the youth involved and opened her home to all the kids and each week we would have a large discussion like this one. Well, then this other member family with youth attending wanted us to have the discussion at their home as well and we would go between the two homes. Kandis and I loved these discussions. Lemson was baptised and after we left our missions he served a mission as well. He still calls me on occasion just to say hello.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A little Drama

My brother and sister-in-law's stake in Massachusetts had a stake youth activity. Each ward made a movie and this is one of the movies that was made. It's a mixture of Twilight and High School Musical, it's actually really good.

Fright and Delight

I went to the Dr. on Tuesday and had a fright. He always checks the heartbeat when I first get in to see him, but that day he couldn't find it. Yes, I freaked out a little, and a tear was shed, but I wasn't going to flip out. Dr. Sawyer calmly said,"Lets do an ultrasound." So he rolled out the machine and when he put it on he found the baby and the heartbeat. He said the baby was far back and the other heart monitor couldn't pick it up. Then the delight, or 2nd delight. He asked if I wanted to know the sex of the baby. I thought for a moment and said, "Yes!" He said it's a BOY! Then he asked me if my husband would be mad? No, he had to do it. Justin wasn't mad, he was really excited. We were both a little surprised, we were sure it was going to be a girl. There's always next time...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thoughts on Pregnancy

* morning sickness is really all day sickness and doesn't go away as fast as I would like it to.
* no maternity clothes look good-you still look like a circus tent.
* everything makes me cry. I cried watching Air Force One-anything makes you cry.
* I'm not as patient about things right now.
* shopping makes me so tired-everything makes me so tired.
* It great because I don't have to lift heavy things, Justin does it.
* I don't crave sweets only like once a week-I hope that stays throughout.
* Having a good bra is vital for comfort
* My last thought- It will all be worth it in the end- how could it not be.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What break?

This is the week that all teachers look forward to, Spring Break. I would just like to laugh at the word break, I have not had a break. I have been doing so much cleaning I'm going to need another week just to recover from this week. Only 9 weeks left in the school year, then next year I will be at work 2 weeks before I go on maternity leave.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I haven't watched a show on the WB(see I still call it that it is the CW now) since Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air, but Justin really likes the show Supernatural. I wouldn't watch it though and last weekend he was watching it and I was in the room and it was actually really good. So I started watching it and found that I really liked it. It is really similar to the X Files so if you like that kind of thing you would like this show. It is really well written for a show on this channel. It has direction and is only supposed to last for 5 seasons, and right now it is at the end of its 4th. It also doesn't hurt that the stars are really cute.