Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Hair Cut

It was long and really needed to be done.
He loves Aunt Kassi, she is so funny.

He wasn't sure about the clippers at first, but Aunt Kassi made sure he got to inspect them first.
Ta Da! What a cute little boy. So sad, he isn't a baby anymore. Excuse me while I cry a little.
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Dr. Nasar and the NICU

We decided that we needed to take Duncan back for a visit to see his Dr. and get his picture take for the wall. That wall was a great source of strength for me while we were there and I wanted people to see how well Duncan had done. Dr. Nasar is expecting her own baby soon and we wish her great luck.
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Happy 4th of July

We spent the 4th at my grandma's house. It was nice to get away. While we were there my mom's cousin and his family came for a beauty pagent and came to see everyone. Duncan feel in love with all of them.
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Children's Museum

My little flower

Duncan was finally able to leave the house this summer, so I took him to the Phoenix Children's Museum. He had a fun time with his cousin Ava.
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Duncan is entering the world of people food, he won't eat baby food anymore. I don't blame him, yuck! This was his first time with pancakes with syrup. He wasn't sure of it at first, but then he started to enjoy it. Yummy, it was good
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