Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Summer Fun

This hole blows air out of it and he thought that was really funny.

Living in Arizona there are very few things you can do out doors in the summer. In fact you don't want to do anything outside if you live in Phoenix or the surrounding cities. Unless you live in the cooler parts of AZ you spend your time inside. Thankfully there are a few places here that you can go and they are indoors. We do have a fun Science center, but Duncan is too small for that. Across the street there is a Children's Museum. We decided to go there because I had heard there is more to do there for small ones. I was really excited to find out they have an entire room just for 3 and under children, and what is better is that it is a shoe free room so no one can wear their shoes in there. Which eased my nerves a bit since I am a little bit freakish about Duncan and germs.

We had a fun time. It was fun to see how Duncan did interacting with other children. He doesn't really. He plays really well all by himself, but he does have fun playing with his cousin Ava, she is one of the only kids I have seen him interact with, well besides Aubree and Kyler (who he totally loves). I didn't get to take a lot of pictures or very good pictures because as soon as he looked at one thing he was off to the other. He is a very active boy and loves to discover new things.
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