Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whose the Leader of the Club

That's made for you and me,
M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e, that's who!!
We got the most important part of our trip planned-the hotel. Very excited that I used Priceline for the first time, I just hope all goes smoothly when we go check in. It was a great deal and the hotel is across the street!!
Can you tell I'm excited? I keep thinking, "I hope 3 days is enough." It will be, I remember last year saying that 4 days was too many, but Duncan was crawling and that was the biggest pain. He kept crying to get down. That boy only likes to be held for a certain amount of time and then he wants to walk, or crawl last year. My mom and dad are coming too so that will be a lot of fun. I wonder how long I can get away with calling this his birthday gift? Maybe he won't get wise to it, but he is a smart boy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Must read if a Disney fan!

If you are a Disney fan, you need to-NO! You must read these books. The stories are set in Florida at Walt Disney World, and at first I didn't want to read them because I have never been there, but it won't matter once you start reading.
The Plot is that five kids have been hired to be digital guides in the Magic Kingdom and then discover that their job is much more than what they had thought. They must help stop the Overtakers, a group of villainous Disney ride characters lead by Maleficent, from taking over the Magic Kingdom.
Each book picks up after the next, so you will want to get all three, all in paper back now. The fourth book comes out in April and there is a fifth coming out in the future. These are easy reads, about 4-5th grade level.

Sing along and along and along and along. . .

I bought this DVD when I found out I was pregnant with Duncan. I think one of my nieces or nephews had it and it was cute. I found it the other day and thought Duncan might like it so I put it in and guess what? He didn't like it- HE LOVED IT!!! He wants to watch it all the time though. It doesn't really bother me because I have a high tolerance level for stuff like that. I used to watch movies over and over and over again when I was younger. Its cute because he really loves Mickey and Goofy (funny side note, he saw Goofy and said,"Dada" yes Dada is goofy) and the Haunted Mansion part does not scare him.

We are taking him to Disneyland in May for his Birthday and because we desperately need a vacation. Is it bad that I am already planning for it. Let's just call it being well prepared. I'm hoping that by showing him the dvd he will find it familiar.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Try again

These are the pictures that go to my post about the fluff and nutella. For some reason they didn't load on that one.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Shout Out!

To my 5th grade class for winning Most Creative Door in our schools contest. March is National Reading Month and at school we are having a lot of activities to go with it. Every year there is a door decorating contest and you have to decorate your door based on a Children's book. My class did Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. (I will put a picture up later, my camera battery died at school before I got a shot of it). They worked really hard on it. The part that won it for them was the lightning bolt that they cut out of cardboard, decorated with glitter and then rigged with lights so that it looked like lighting. We wished the lights blinked, but we got what we could find. I have actually been,for the most part, happy with this years class. Don't get me wrong, I have had plenty of problems with students, but overall I like this class. They went CRAZY when they announced our class. It was so great to see their excitement and then to see it pay off by winning. I don't like to brag, but I just have to a little because I am so proud of them. Then to make it even better, they won the Name that Tune challenge they do every Friday at school. Great way to start their weekend!