Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Halloween

Duncan the Pirate! ARGG- he is all about pirates right now. He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, he has to wear this hat and have his sword in his hand when he is watching it. So cute.

Here is Logan-er- Wolfman at my parent Trunk r Treat. It was a lot of fun.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wild Life Zoo

Last week was my Fall break, although it felt more like a summer/fall break seeing as how someone forgot to tell the weather that it is fall and that 90 + degree weather is no longer needed. Anyway, the heat put a few dampers on my plans, but we still went to the zoo and Papa came with us. We had a good time. The giraffe was a big hit, Duncan enjoyed feeding him, and they also had a train so we went on a train ride as well. We also saw lots of fish, penguins, and we got to pet sting rays. I have noticed that with a 2 year old it is harder to take pictures. If I let him go for a second he takes off. So there are very few pictures of our zoo trip.
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All Aboard!

Duncan has two obsessions right now (besides Mickey Mouse) Trains and Pirates. We went to Anthem to the outlets there and they had this cute little train. We only had enough cash for Duncan and one to ride, so Justin got to go with him. He loved it! He shouted "All Aboard" when they got on. He had a good time so much so that he cried for 20 min after he got off, and then we had to avoid the train the rest of the time we were there. It was fun though.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Where is this?

Oh I am so ready to see these colors . . . or just the weather-I'm over the heat here.
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Summer Fun

Some friends from work and I went to see the cars from Cars 2 early this summer before the movie came out. Man it was sooo hot and the line was so long that we just went over and took pictures on the other side. The kids were fine with it because they didn't even let them touch the cars.

Then we took the kids over to the splash pad to cool off. Duncan and Hailey having fun in the water.

No paparazzi.

Enjoying some yogurt after playing in the water.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Potty Time!

He was so excited to get a potty, it was so cute. I bought him Mickey Mouse underwear, a potty that sings and I decorated a jar and put m&m's in it, so he gets one candy for going pee and two for, well you know. And he actually went pee in the potty.

Justin thought it was weird that I was taking his picture, but its a big deal my baby is growing up :(
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Camp fire and Fire works

Everything can be a sword

We went to another canyon and had a camp fire and made s'mores! They were so yummy! Then we went back to the house and set off a few fireworks.
We had a great time in Utah and Duncan had a blast playing with his cousins. He was really sad when we had to leave.
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Let's go feed some Ducks

These two ducks were racing back and forth across the pond-it was fun to watch them.

Everyone took a turn milking the cow- it was fun, Duncan thought it was really neat.

Even Uncle Nate got in on the action.
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A Dayat Provo Canyon

We picked up an extra on the way. Jackson was at BYU for a summer session and I was so excited to see him as I didn't get to go to his graduation. This was his first time meeting Duncan. The oldest boy grandson and the youngest together at last.

Duncan had so much fun with Jack.

He was so good with Duncan. All the kids were great with him. He LOVED playing with Elliot and Henry and they were so good to him.

Loved this picture.

Duncan couldn't get enough of Jack.

Falls at Provo canyon

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Summer Trip to Utah

Can you tell who doesn't belong to Nathan and Allison? He blends so well with his cousins.

We had to go have these yummy waffles that come from Belguim. They are sweet, a special sugar is used to make them.

Of cours we went to Temple Square- we walked around and went into some of the stores. It was not as hot as I thought it was going to be.

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