Sunday, August 5, 2012

We are still here

Wow, I haven't been on my blog in a loooooong time. I don't know why, I think I just didn't have much to say. Not a whole lot has happened since Feb. We went to Disneyland in May for Duncan's 3rd birthday, and it was fun,but more crowded than last year and more warm. We spent a lot of time in the pool this summer. Duncan took swim lessons and is a great swimmer now. He loves the pool. Then we took a little unexpected trip to San Diego as Justin had to drop some steel off at a job site and then because it was Comic Con weekend we ended up in Anaheim and Duncan and I went to Disneyland again for a day with Aunt Kassi and Uncle Scott and cousins. It was fun.

Now it is almost time for school to start, in like two days. I'm more excited this year. I'm back at 5th grade, so excited for that, and I have a new team mate this year. We actually have a lot of new teachers this year. It's exciting and nerve racking all at one time. But I am happy to be going to work. I need to go to work. I love Duncan, but I need adult interaction and I haven't had it a whole lot this summer. Here is to a new school year.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Oldest and youngest

I just love this picture. Isn't it so sweet?
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Target Lady

Oh, this was probably one of the funniest Thanksgivings EVER!!! Aubree and I had been texting back and forth about the Target Lady comericals and we decided that she should dress up like the lady. So she did and came out of the bathroom with a Target ad and starts acing like the lady. We were dying laughing. Well that led to this. . .

I couldn't pass up this opportunity, so Aubree, Olivia and I got in the car and went to the Target down the street to take picture of Aub outside. Oh it was so funny. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. The two bottom ones of her running are my favorite.(notice she is wearing red high heels thanks to nana).

The funny thing was that people were lined up already for Black Friday and we had to do this with them not far away. Aub was brave, I didn't think she would do it, but she did. I will always remember this.
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Big boy

Duncan is getting so BIG! I can't believe that he will be 3 this year. He has grown so much. He has definetly been a very typical 2 year old. He has gone through every bad phase you hear about. Spitting, kicking, hitting, and now scratching. It has been so fun (lots of sarcasim here) in nursery. He has been taken to daddy a LOT for the above things. Mostly kicking. We almost have him out of that and he starts the scratching thing. I love how people tell me 3 doesn't get any better. I tried potty training him several months ago and it just didn't take. I am going to attempt to potty train him this summer, after we get back from Disneyland.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Where does the time go?

I have not given up on blogging. I don't know that anyone really reads this, but I haven't stopped. It is just been a busy time and having a 2 almost 3 year old keeps me so busy.

We have been keeping busy. We spend a LOT of time in the backyard. Duncan thinks he is part dog. He LOVES to be outside. I don't know what we will do in the summer, I guess swim a lot. Good thing I started Weight Watchers in January.

Oh yes, the joy of weight loss or attempting weight loss. I just hit a point where I need to start losing. We have been trying for almost a year now to get pregnant with no success. I feel this is going to be the same thing all over again ( I just hope not with the same end result of a premature birth). It's not like I couldn't lose it either. So if you have any inspirational thoughts or stories please share. I have lost 5 lbs so far. I just need to be more serious about it. I do like Weight Watchers and I like that I can access everything on my new iPhone 4s. Yes, I love it. It was my Valentines Day present from my wonderful husband.

Anyway, this year has been an interesting year at school. I am teaching 6th grade this year and really don't like it that much. I don't like 6th grade standards. I'm hoping to be back in 5th grade next year.

Duncan is growing so much. He talks all the time. He loves to use his imagination. He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse, 101 Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast and he is in love with Buzz Lightyear and Woody and all things Toy Story. We bought him Buzz pjs and he flipped out when we put them on him. He ran around with his arms out like he was flying yelling, "infndy and beyond!" and pretends to shoot his laser. Then he switches to being a pirate. He loves swords, pirate hats, coins and ships. He got the cutest play set from his Nana and Papa. It has a ship wheel and a spyglass and he calls it his ship and loves to play on it outside.

I have no pictures for this post, but I will add some later.

I started pintrest (took me long enough) and am obsessed with it. It is so fun and I think I will be plenty busy over spring break and this summer as I have found plenty of projects to keep me busy (much to my husbands dismay). I love making banners, not sure why, but there is something about them that is fun and whimsical to me. Duncan enjoys using markers, crayons and he loves stickers. I put a small table in the craft room for him so he can do things while I try to do some crafting, but he always wants to be involved in what I'm doing which can get irksome.

So to make a long post longer, we are doing great, plugging along. I will post again soon.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Polar Express

One cookie wasn't enough, he had to have two.

Yes, he gets who Santa is, and was so excited to see him.

He was not so excited when Santa went away. He actually was like this most of the train ride.

We took Duncan to the Polar Express before Thanksgiving and he was excited, but we had to drive to Williams that day and he would NOT take a nap on the way up there, and then just 20 minute away he finally fell asleep. So needless to say he was a total grouch the whole time. Plus it was sooo cold and windy while we were there so that was not so fun, but we made the best of it.
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