Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Easy Cheese Danish

I had this idea that being home would allow me to make all kinds of yummy things. This is not so. I have barely been able to make anything. Duncan slept for a little bit this morning by himself so I was able to finally make these. The Barefoot Contessa made them on her show and they were so easy. You can get the recipe at the Foodnetwork.com
under Barefoot Contessa type in the same title. They are soooooo yummy and so easy to make.
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Now you see me with oxygen. . .
Now you Don't!!!

Okay, it is proving to be difficult to get to the computer on a regular basis. Duncan gave us a week of, how do we say this sweetly, trail of patience. He decided that he wanted to scream at 2am for 2+ hours for a week. That was so hard. The screaming can really get to you-emotionally and physically. I was a little out of sorts for a few days, but we finally seem to have gotten it under control. I went out and bought the book The Happiest Baby on the Block- I would highly recommend this book for all first time mothers. It gives a lot of really great tips on how to handle fussy, colic babies. Not just fussy babies, but it also explains how to care for them the first 3 months. Very excellent book.

Now on with other news. Duncan is finally a wireless baby!! Yeah. I waited a couple of weeks to post that news because we weren't sure if he would be able to stay off of it. After his laser eye surgery I was worried about taking him off of it. Then that next week the tape came off his face on one side and I decided well, if I'm going to do it I should just do it now and not replace the tape. So off came the oxygen and he did great. We kept the apnea monitor on him and it only went off once, but he was okay. He is doing great. He is thriving like a normal newborn even though he is 4 months old. But until he catches up we will have to eliminate 3 months off of his age. He is almost 10 pounds and he eats like a champ. He has almost outgrown the newborn clothes, he can wear 0-3months. He is cute and loves to be held- ALL THE TIME! He won't sleep long unless he is being held, this is our biggest challenge right now, getting him to sleep in his cradle or anywhere that isn't my arms. He has a nurse that come once a week to check on him, make sure he is thriving and that his lungs sound clear and answer any questions that I have. She said that we should try either wrapping him or putting next to him a t-shirt that I have worn so he can smell me, because he is less fussy for me than he is for Justin.

I'm watching my maternity leave dwindle away and it makes me anxious. I really don't want to miss anything with him. It seems like the time when they start to really show their personalities is when you have to go back to work. I'm so grateful though that my parents are close and are willing to watch him for the remainder of my school year. Our plans for childcare went out the window with lung disease. He can't be around other small children or anyone sick. We are being extra super cautious this flu season-no one can come around him if they haven't had a flu shot.
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to the Hospital

Sorry that it takes me several days to get to the computer. It has been a hectic week. I am recovering really well from my surgery, still a little sore, but doing well. We took Duncan to the eye Dr. on Thursday and he didn't like the way his left eye was looking. He decided that he needed laser eye surgery. Let's just say that I didn't take that news very well. I think I cried all day. I wasn't so worried about the procedure it was the fact that they had to put him under anesthesia. Duncan has lung disease and I was really worried that something would cause a lot of problems for him. He had a blessing the night before and then another one right before his surgery.

I'm glad to say that everything went really well. He did have to stay a night in the PICU at St. Joe's, but he had no major problems. Everyone was telling us to be prepared to see his eyes that they would be very swollen. When we first saw him they were, but the swelling went down right away and they didn't swell up again. I think people were surprised, but I know that Priesthood blessings really work. He has a follow up in a few days and then we will know if the procedure really worked. I had a good feeling that it did and that he will be okay.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This is Duncan's Wubbanub.
It makes him very happy.
This is the only way he will stay asleep, in someones arms.

Have you ever heard of a wubbanub? These things are so cool. Duncan was given a ducky wubbanub in the hospital. We brought it home and had it here for a week before one of the dogs got it. Angus ate the binky off the end of it. These little things are very handy. They are small stuffed animals attached to the end of these binkys. This is the only type of binky that Duncan will take. I freaked out when Angus ate his. I went and looked on line to find where you buy these. They aren't cheep and you can't just buy them at any store. We had to go to Scottsdale for his eye appointment and luckily I found a place on that side of town that sells them. What makes them so special? Well, for preemies and actually all babies they are good for coordination. The stuffed animal allows the baby to hold on to the binky better. It also helps them focus their eyes. All I know is that Duncan likes them. I was just going to fix his ducky, but you have to be very careful, because they are made so that no spit or moisture gets behind the animals mouth allowing for bacteria to grow. I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea.

You can read more about them at www.wubbanub.com
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Mommy and baby doing good

Duncan's Aunt Elisabeth made this onsie for him, I love it!! It is so cute. I asked her to make one in a bigger size because I love it.
A rare photo of him with his eyes open.
See any resemblance? I'm still trying.
Aunt Suzi had to give Duncan a bath because she dumped a bottle of formula on him. To be fair I should say that she got it on her too and it was 4am when it happened.

The surgery went well. Arrowhead wasn't that bad, it was bad because my appointment was at 12:30 and I didn't get into surgery until 3pm. But everything went well and I am recovering. It was worse than a c-section because they pump air into your abdomen to move the organs and then you feel that in your shoulders when you wake up, man did that hurt. My mom and sister have been taking turns staying with us-thank goodness for them because I wouldn't be able to have done it without them, and it has helped that Justin took this week off of work.

Duncan went to the Dr. yesterday and he is 8lbs. 7oz. He also had his circumcision yesterday and that was a bit traumatic for him and me. It does look good, but I guess it is a little more painful for the baby the older they are. He did good and we gave him baby Tylenol to help with the pain. He is a trooper.
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