Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas pictures

Yes, every year we get the dogs something. They were very excited for the bones. We usually get them a toy as well, but with Duncan's toys we are afraid that they are going to get confused and take his toys instead.
Duncan and Papa
Where's my food?
Such a sweet boy. He is such a happy boy. (As long as he isn't tired or hungry)
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Merry 1st Christmas!!

I love my hat, I really do.
So excited to see what Santa brought me
You talkin to me?

Yeah, I want to open my own presents!

So Duncan's first Christmas went really well. We decided that we would get up whenever Duncan got up. So at 6am we were up taking pictures and opening presents. Duncan was so cute. We tried to get him to open his own presents and he tired, but he couldn't quite get a grasp on the paper. But he did seem to like a few of things. He loves toys that light up. He has a baby Einstein toy that plays music and lights up and he loves it. We got him toys for when he is a little older so mos of the stuff he can use in a couple of months. He is doing so good. He wants to sit up all the time. He tries to keep his head up and he does really well for a few minutes and then it drops down a little. He loves to grab things and make noises with his mouth and he now grabs his feet when he is being changed. He is healthy and we are trying like crazy to keep it that way. We are not letting anyone around him if they haven't had an H1N1 shot and no little kids. It is hard for my nieces and nephews to understand why they can't see him, but one day when they are older I hope it makes sense to them. We just can't take any chances.

Justin and I got each other a couple of things. It was a modest Christmas as we are still paying for Duncan. I told Justin it will be nice when he is paid off. He's more expensive than a new car!! But totally worth it.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you have a happy and safe New Year.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

baby pictures

My sister got Duncan the cutest onsie for Christmas. I have been wanting to take pictures for Christmas with him in it. So on Sunday I gave him a bath and got him all dressed, onsie, cute khaki pants and shoes. And what does he do? He falls asleep!! He slept until 7:30 so then it was too late to take the pictures. The only one I got was of his arm because the onsie has these cute elbow patches on them. So there is his Christmas arm. Hopefully I can add the rest of his body.
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Duncan Update.

Oh it has been so long since I blogged. Not too much has changed. We had a very quiet Thanksgiving. We spent most of the day at home and then went to my parents for dinner after little kids left. It was sad, I really wish they could be around him, but not yet. Duncan is doing really well. I am a total worry wort when it comes to his health. He started to have this sort of cough and a stuffy nose, so we took him to urgent care Thanksgiving weekend. Nothing was wrong. Well his nose has still been stuffy so I took him to the Dr. today and he is okay. He does have a stuffy nose, but nothing serious. I would rather be safe than sorry. I really like our Dr. that we take him to, he is very understanding and very through with him. I like that he came from Phoenix Children's too. He asked me "Now his first name is Duncan right? Because they put a comma and I told them no, Isaac is the last name." This keeps happening at Dr. offices. I told Justin our son has a last name that can be a first name and a first name that could be a last name. Poor kid.

Duncan is 15lbs and boy does he feel like it. He is holding his head up really well and is starting to roll over when put on his belly. He loves Nick Jr. in the morning. I love waking up in the morning with him in my arms and seeing him first thing. The best is when he wakes up and looks at me and just smiles a big smile. So sweet.

We got our Christmas tree up Thanksgiving weekend! I was so happy because I didn't know if it would get up then. Now I just need to get my decorations up. We are planning on having a quiet Christmas as well. Once the flu and RSV season is over we can start taking Duncan out. It probably won't be until May. But I am determined to not end up back in the hospital.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Three years-it feels like forever! Just kidding. These last three years have been wonderful most of the time. I couldn't have gotten through the last 6 months without Justin. He was a Rock through everything and I love him for it. I love that he would get up at 5 am and let me sleep 2 hours before he went to work. Here is to more years of marriage and later on more children.

(I was trying to find a different picture, but Duncan is crying so this is what you get)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bed Time or not

Last night Duncan would NOT go to sleep at his normal time. So we were up at 10pm and I decided to put him in the bed and he looked so cute. He loves to suck on his hands and fingers.
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6 month old faces

So cute! I love this onsie that my friend from work gave Duncan. The Cat in the Hat. Plus it is blue and that is a good color on him.

This face makes him look just like my brothers Ben and Jason.

Duncan is now 6months old (3 months developmentally) and doing great. He went to the Dr. on Friday and he said he can't believe he is a 25 week preemie. He is on track for a 3 month old. He is 13 lbs and 24 in long. He is now in 3-6 month clothes. He can wear 0-3 but they are getting snug. He is smiling and making lots of cute noises.

I have gone back to work and it is very comforting to know my mom is here with him. Other wise I think I would be a wreck. I am a total germ a-phobe at work to the point that today I sprayed a kids backpack with Lysol because his brother went home throwing up. I make my kids wash and sanitize their hands every time they sneeze or cough into them. I told the kids in the front that if they get sick they are moving to the back of the room. Today in our grade level meeting with the principal he offered us muffins and I told my team mates "Do you know how long those have been sitting here? All day. Do you know how many people have been breathing on those? Everyone that has walked in here. No thank you!" I just won't take any chances getting sick. I stocked up on sanitizer from Sam's Club and Clorox wipes for my room. So as a teacher if your kids get sick, don't send them to school. Believe them if they say they don't feel good. If they really aren't it is just punishment for them because then they will have a lot of homework to make up.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Let sleeping monkeys. . . sleep

I finally got some pictures of Duncan in his monkey costume. I had to put him in it and then get him to sleep. He looked so cute and peaceful in his costume. He sure did make one cute monkey!
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Duncan in his Halloween Day outfit-(Thanks Aunt Suzi for the onsie)
Then in his Monkey costume
One Mad Monkey

Halloween was low key. We couldn't take Duncan out, but I still wanted to get him dressed up. He didn't have a long enough nap before I dressed him so I am going to take more pictures tomorrow of him in his costume. Hopefully he won't be so mad. I think the changing of the clothes is what made him so unhappy.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going Out

It was a blustery day here in Goodyear, an amazing 60 degrees. I had to take Duncan to the Dr. so I got him dressed up. I only do this when we have to some where, I was excited that I got to finally put his cool denim jacket on. So cute.
He is getting better at holding his head up. He is getting stronger and stronger. He got his synagis shot today. This is a very important shot for preemies, it helps protect them from RSV. He really takes those shots like a champ. He cried for a few minutes and then was fine. I think after having the heel of his foot poked with needles for 3 months toughened him up.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Breathing Treatments

He was watching t.v. He likes the Noggin channel. They have some pretty strange shows on and he likes them. I think he likes the music and bright colors.
Duncan loves to sit on the floor propped up with the boppy. He has really great head control. Not quite holding it up on his own yet, but getting close.

He is such a good baby when he is getting his breathing treatments. He just sits there and lets the medicine blow in his face. I think he even likes it.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

My Little Man

We've had an inflatable bed in Duncan's room since he came home so it has been hard for me to get in his closet and dresser, so he has been wearing a lot of the same clothes. Finally, Justin took it down and put it away and I went through his clothes and I love this outfit. His cute little jeans and the baby shoes. He looked so cute. He is now 5months old and almost 2 month developmentally. He is doing great.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Duncan and Daddy

So cute. I still find it funny to see Justin holding him. I'm not sure why, it might be that Justin has never really been around babies and I'm not used to seeing him with them or it might be that they look nothing alike. It really bugs Justin that he doesn't look like him, but I think he kind of has his cheeks. That's all. Justin keeps checking his eyes to see if they are brown, but I don't think they will be brown, they look grey right now. It's just sweet. Duncan loves his daddy.
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Thank goodness for Aunts

These poor wubanubs fell victim to the jaws of Angus the Scottie dog. I have to be very careful with these because Angus thinks they are toys. He destroyed three of them. I was so mad. The duck came from the hospital and he got hold of it I think almost two weeks after we got home. I found the monkey and red dog at a baby store. We bought two just in case he got to them again. Well he did. I was so mad when he got them. He is fast. Justin calls him a ninja because he is quite and fast at getting things when they fall. I was really mad about the red dog I even cried I was so upset about it.
Then today we walked to the mail box and there were two little envelopes. I thought it was free junk stuff that I sometimes get. Imagine my surprise when I opened the first one and a wubanub was in there. Not only was there one, but two. I had a feeling I knew who got them. So we called Aunt Suzi and sure enough she had found them and sent them to Duncan. You can tell he was happy. We have a pacifier, the same as the one on the monkey(its what they give babies in the hospital) but he had a hard time keeping it in is mouth. So Thank you, thank you Suzi for new wubanubs!! We will keep this monkey off the floor. In fact as soon as I opened it I looked at Angus and said "No!"
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Just Funny

I just thought this was so funny. Justin bought the dogs these humongous dog bones, they are about the size of the dogs. Pippin doesn't do anything with treats he can't eat right away. Instead he sits and protects his treat and growls at every one that walks near him. He was protecting his bone. Angus was so funny. He grabbed his bone and ran off with it and I here this loud crash. He tried to take it out the doggy door at a running pace. After that he was scared of the bone for a while.

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