Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Picture

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been fighting sickness. It is a lot worse than I thought it would be. Now on top of that I have a cold that I think is making things worse. Anyway, besides that I am doing well. My house is still not totally recovered from Christmas and it is really starting to drive me crazy.

We had our first appointment with the Doctor. I love my Doctor. He is a really special spirit. He did an ultra sound to look and see how things were going. The baby was moving a lot and the heart beat was beating really fast. It was really cute. We also found out how far a long I am and when I am due. I am 10 weeks along and my due date is August 26th. Yes, a long summer for me as everyone likes to point out. I always felt bad for my sister-in-law Elisabeth when she was pregnant here in AZ because it was always during the summer. Justin said he won't fight me over the thermostat this summer. I told him I was going to buy a baby pool and sit in it during the morning to stay cool. I'll just need to find a friend with a real swimming pool.

Here is the first picture of the baby. I don't know about you, but it looks like a girl to me! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big News!!

Okay, I know I promised to blog about Christmas, and I will. But I have been so sick the last few weeks and it probably won't get better anytime soon. Justin and I found out on New Year's Eve that I am PREGNANT!! Yes, after a year of trying we were taken by surprise. It is a good surprise, but I think I will be happier when the morning sickness goes away. By the way, whoever named it morning sickness was wrong, I have all day sickness. It has been so hard going back to work. I have had to go sleep in the nurses office both days I have been back.

There is a funny story about how we found out. The week before Christmas my back started to hurt really bad and it kind of hurt when I needed to go to the bathroom. I thought I had a UTI. So I went to the Dr. the day before Christmas Eve. They tested my urine and said it could be an infection, but they would go ahead and treat it. So I started taking the medication. On Christmas morning I woke up so sick to my stomach I thought I was going to be sick. I just thought it was the medicine making me nauseous. Well, it continued and finally on New Year's Eve I was supposed to go ride the new Light Rail with my family, I called and told them to go without me. My mom told me to go back to the Dr. So I called and made an apt. for that afternoon. I get there and I tell the Dr. I feel sick all the time, my breasts are sore, my legs hurt and I feel nauseous all day. She said, "Could you be pregnant?" I told her we were trying for a year and that I just didn't think I was. She said we needed to do a pregnancy test. Well, she came back and said, "It came back and you are pregnant!" I said, "WHAT!! Are you sure? I'm really pregnant?" And so yes, I am pregnant. We are both really happy. I just hope this nausea goes away after the first trimester so I can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

I will keep you updated. I have a Dr. apt. this Thursday and hopefully they can tell me how far along I am. I was having such crazy menstrual cycles that I wasn't even tracking them. Yes, we are going to find out the sex when we can, because I can't wait. We are talking names all the time and we just can't agree on a boys name.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday!! I turned 29. I don't feel like I am 29. I was trying to scan in a photo of me from when I was young, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I will have to try later. I promise to post some blogs tomorrow. I have some Christmas pictures I want to blog about.