Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School!

It was back to school on Aug. 6th for me. Every year I say I am going to have a clean and organized desk. This was only after the first 3 days; it is organized chaos. My mom came and helped me a couple of days to get my room together, and I am glad that she did. It would have taken me 10 times longer to get it done on my own. (by the way, the nail polish on my desk is there because if you laminate things and then write on them with sharpie and then need to take it off, nail polish will do the trick).

This is my library area in the classroom.
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Disney Classic

This is a great Disney movie. I had never seen it before, but Fred MacMurray has always reminded me of my dad so I bought this movie. I watched it and couldn't believe how much it was like my dad (in some ways, not all). MacMurray's character moves to a small town and they want to start Boy Scouts and he volunteers to be the scout master. It was so good, it made me cry a few times. I highly recommend it.

My dad was always really involved in scouts. It is also how mild mannered MacMurray is in all his movies. My dad is a lot like that.

Baby Shower

My Sister-in-law Kassi is having a baby soon and she had her shower last weekend. These are some of my favorite pictures. The shoe tree is so cute, Heather bought lots of baby girl shoes and hung them from these metal tree type things. Kassi received a lot of gifts, I hope she has room for all of them. The cake was yummy as well. Marie did the food, and of course it was really good. I think Kassi had a few requests because we had cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies with frosting. It was a nice baby shower. (if you can't tell she is having a girl).

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Learning to Quilt

Ever since last year I have been wanting to learn how to quilt. It seems like everyone knows how to quilt and I don't want to be left behind. Last spring I went to Boston and my sister in law Elisabeth took my mom and I to this really cute quilt shop in Arlington. I found this really cute baby quilt and fabric that looked really simple for a first timer. I bought the fabric and Elisabeth copied the directions for me. I just got the fabric out. My mom came over and was teaching me a few things about how to cut fabric and tricks for quilting. I'm lucky because I have my mom and my mother in law who both quilt, so if I have problems I can ask either one of them. This is the beginning of the quilt and if I ever finish it I will post the end result.

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