Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doctor Update

Duncan went to the Pulmanologist today and things are looking great! He is developing and growing as he should. He is 19lbs 281/2 in. long and he is doing great. I asked her today if we could take him to Disneyland and she said of course, that would be good-she even suggested that we go at the end of May before it gets too crowed there. I asked if I could take him swimming this summer and she said absolutely, swimming is really good for the lungs. So we only have to make it through the rest of this month and April and one more holiday and then he can be a free baby!! It will be so nice to be able to take him places. I don't know what he is going to do when he can be around people (besides the ones he is allowed around).
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Funny Face

These are just some funny shots of Duncan-he is a funny kid

He looks like he's praying here.
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Hide and . . .Hide

When I left him he was on top of the sheet, I went to the kitchen and came back and the sheet suddenly had legs!! It was so funny, he tried really hard to get the sheet off his face, but he needed a little help.

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Feeding Time

We started out feeding him in this. . .went okay, but he could move too much.
Then we tried feeding him in here, but got the seat all messy
Then he got this! Wooohooo! We love the high chair. These things are so not what they used to be. This thing straps them in!The seat moves up and down so he can sit high or low.
He wasn't really sure about it at first. He doesn't like that he can't squirm around, but it is helping him to not arch backwards. I love it. It is on wheels so I can sit him in the kitchen while I cook-it's just cool.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ear What?!

Angus has a really bad fungal infection in his ears. Yes, it looks as bad as it sounds. I feel bad because it has probably been like that for about 2 maybe 2 1/2 weeks since I noticed that something might be wrong and I didn't take him to the vet until tonight. I almost threw up when the vet swabbed his ear and showed it to me! YUCK!! Now I have to clean his ear and put drops in them for the next two weeks. Poor doggie.
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Monday, March 8, 2010


Oh, this boy is getting so big! I can't believe he is 18lbs 8oz. He is a growing boy. The last few weeks have been a test of patience. Duncan has had a hard time adjusting to baby food, it keeps plugging him up. He had a little ear infection a few weeks ago and I was afraid he had another one, so off he went to the Dr. on Fri. Daddy got to take him this time and he did not have another ear infection. So why is he so grouchy?! She said he could be teething. I'm not sure of that, but it would explain how grumpy he is. She also recommended that we give him a stool softener. It worked!! We have to give it to him until his body adjusts to the food, because a plugged up baby is a very unhappy baby, and that makes a very tired mommy and daddy.
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