Saturday, April 16, 2011

Super cute

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Pictures of Fun lunch

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Pictures from Zoo trip that didn't load

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Cute, Cute, Cute

I had to take Duncan to the eye Dr in Scottsdale today and it was horrible. Waited an hour then had to wait another 20 min for Dr. then he decided to dilate Duncan's eyes and that was another 25 min wait all for him to see him for 5 min and say that he doesn't need glasses yet. Oh, and Duncan who isn't 2 yet yelled and screamed the whole time because he wanted to get into things he couldn't have. So a 9am Dr. apt ended at 11am. Yeah for me. So to relax we went over to Kierland. I like to go here and window shop and as we walked around I noticed these topiaries. They were all over and oh my goodness- So CUTE!

Fun Lunch

Chloe's Corner is Yummy! I had a chicken salad sandwich and it was de-lis-ous! They have a tone of sandwiches, hot and cold, soups, salads and they have breakfast. They also have food packaged if you need to dash in and go. So cute and good food.

Duncan had a grilled cheese. I took a bite and it was good. Oh, Chloe's Corner is at Kierland.

A trip to the Zoo

Two weeks ago Duncan and I went to the Phx Zoo with his cousins and friends. Heather brought Ava and Addie and we met Donna, Jon and Olivia there. We had a lot of fun. The kids really liked the Merry Go Round.

Can you see Addie? She has the back seat.

Guess what book came out this week?

That's right, the 4th book in this series came out. I just started it and it is good so far. Yes, I am a closet geek, but lets keep that between us.