Friday, June 17, 2011

Graduating class of '11

Before Graduation we went and took some pictures.

Her shoes were so cute I had to snap a shot of them.

Aubree and Kyler. Those are some good looking kids or Adult and kid.

I think she is happy to be done with High School.

I loved this shot!

Way to go Aubree! I am so proud of you. Aubree will be going to ASU and she will be studying to become a nurse. My nephew Jackson also graduated from High School in Arlington, MA and is going to BYU. I wish I could have been there. These two are the first grand kids and I just have so many memories of playing with them and babysitting them when they were little. I just can't believe they are grown up and going to college. I am so incredibly proud of them and the great example they are setting for the rest of their sibling(s) and cousins.
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San Diego Zoo

Oh yes, we had to include the zoo. It was so much fun.


Disneyland was so FUN!! I am ready to go back.

Yes that is Duncan in a Mickey Mouse costume. I am that parent that dressed her kid up to meet a character.

Nana, Papa and Minnie! I highly recommend Breakfast in the Park with Minnie and Friends over Goofey's Kitchen.

I love this picture of Duncan and Goofey touching each others noses.

Pluto, one of our favorites

He was so into "It's a Small World"

We got to our hotel early, so we went to Bubba Gumps and it was good. Duncan liked the tartar sauce more than anything else.

Oh this is my favorite place to go. I wish it didn't cost so darn much to go, I almost had Justin convinced we needed annual passes, but couldn't quit get him to commit. If I could live there I would that is how much I love it. Did you know that Disney World was supposed to be a new kind of city? They were going to build it so people could live there. How cool would that be? Only I wouldn't want to live in Florida.

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Nana is the best card maker. She knows who Duncan likes. Duncan licks people now after watching Mickey Mouse and seeing Pluto lick. So we call them Pluto kisses.

So cute- he wrapped himself in the quilt grandma made him. The story of The Three Little Pigs.

I made this garland with my Cricut cutter. The best investment ever. I made all the decorations for his party.

So I also made up this game. They played Pin the Bow on Minnie. I cut the Mickey head out and the bows, numbered them and laminated them and the kids had so much fun. You could also do pin the bow-tie on mickey, but Duncan has mostly girl cousins so I thought this would be fun for them.

I also had the game Hidden Mickey. I cut smaller Mickey heads out and used a metalic sharpie to number them and hid them around the house and people had to search to find them. It was fun, even the adults liked it.

Duncan's friend Aurora taking her turn to pin the Bow on Minnie. Actually she won too!

The birthday boy (with his cousin Logan and Aunt Heather). He looks so much like his cousin Noah.

For Duncan's second birthday we a Mickey Mouse party. It was so fun. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and yummy cake. We even went swimming. It was a little cold still so he wouldn't stay in the water for very long.

Mother's Day

That is some good strawberry shortcake. Yummy!

We spent Mother's Day at my grandma/Aunt Mary's house. My Uncle Gary has a horse and we took Duncan up to see him and he was so excited. He was so nervous to put his hand on his nose, but he finally did.
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Catch up- Easter

He really enjoyed the dye- me, not so much.

Yes, it has been a crazy few months since April when I last posted. Duncan had his 2nd birthday, school ended, we went to Disneyland, Graduations. It has been busy.

So I am going to just put some pictures of Easter. First, we dyed eggs. (I can't get more than 4 pictures to upload per post, I don't know why, if anyone does, Please let me know-it drives me crazy). Actually I just found out the answer, but I will have to look more into.

Here he is on Easter. I love his outfit.