Sunday, October 31, 2010

Petting Zoo at Freeman farm

He likes animals, and he had fun running around with some this day. He was impressed with the very large cow and the sheep.
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Freeman Farms Pumpkin patch

I should have started with these pictures. We went a couple of weekends ago to the pumpkin patch and picked out our three pumpkins. We had a really good time. Duncan loved walking around the pumpkins. I love the first one of him trying to pick it up. Thats his new thing now-trying to pick things up. He also discovered dirt and that his hands can get dirty.
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Happy Halloween

Cutest Mickey ever!!

He discovered candy. Not a good thing, he went looking in his bag for some.
We carved three pumpkins this year. One for each of us. I did an Owl, of course, and Duncan's is the one on the ground and the other one is Justin's. I thought they turned out really cute. We had a lot of Trick or Treaters, in fact we put Duncan to bed and had to turn out the light. We had a good day. Happy Halloween everyone!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yummy PB & Fluff

This was Duncan's first Peanut butter and fluff sandwitch and he really loved it.
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I heart the Phoenix Zoo

I love Otters. We stood and watched the otters for a little bit, they were being silly.

This picture looks funny, it looks like a two headed giraff.

The Koalas are so cute too. They were sleeping when we got to see them.

During Fall break I took Duncan to the Phx Zoo. I had not been to the zoo in so long. They have done so much there. We had a great time, in fact we had so much fun we went back later that week and I got a year pass. Now we can look forward to many trips to the zoo throughout the year.

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What a Ham

No story, I just love this picture.
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